• March 2

Holiday Volunteerism

Morgan Pethtel

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While for most, the holidays are a time for families, friends, and good food, for others it can be the worst time of year. The inclement weather, frigid temperatures and shorter days make life much harder for many. For the jobless, bills become even harder to pay as heating bills increase and new, warm clothes are needed. For those without family, this time of year can be inherently lonely and depressing. For the homeless, being out in the cold becomes dangerous and food gets harder to come by. For these ┬áreasons, charities are at their busiest during the holidays, and volunteers are strongly needed. The soup kitchens, clothing, food and toy drives help those who need it most. Without the volunteers behind the scenes, these organizations couldn’t function. So this year, take the time to help your fellow man. Nothing beats giving back.

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Holiday Volunteerism