• March 2

A Society Desensitized

Morgan Pethtel

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From  a very young age we are exposed to violence. It’s inescapable, and we are exposed to it on an almost daily basis. It’s in the Movies, news, TV ,and video games. Most people have come to see it as a part of life, as commonplace and don’t consider its effect. What effect does it have?  According to studies done at Michigan University violence in media makes people numb to the pain and suffering of others. In the studies half the  participants were exposed to violent media(both movies and video games) and half were exposed to non-violent media. Those who had played the violent game or watched the violent movie reacted more slowly or not at all when the group witnessed a staged fight. The fight was not known to the participants to be part of the exercise and they had no prior knowledge of it. Their reactions were entirely authentic.

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A Society Desensitized