• March 2

Ennio Emmanuel

Theresa Mattatall

Ennio Emmanuel is explaining what his concert is about to the kids

Theresa Mattatall, Writer

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The kids of the Spanish classes from all around West Virginia went on a trip to go to an educational concert that was set up by JUSTO LAMAS GROUP. The concert took place at ChestnutRidgeChurch. Their main performer was Ennio Emmanuel. He performed songs that he wrote and produced himself, all in Spanish. The kids had a blast at the concert. Many people, including teachers, got up to dance and got on stage. JUSTO LAMAS GROUP is working towards helping kids become more into Spanish and understand it better.

The music that they performed was fun and moving. Emmanuel is an ambitious young man who is looking to reach out to young people and give them hope. He is from Puerto Rico and he made his music on an island with not much help. He is a successful singer/song writer and he wishes to help kids who feel lost. With the concert, he helped many kids and he plans on doing another concert during 2013-14 and it is titled “OJALA”. If people wish to make a tour date with him you must go to JUSTOLAMASGROUP.com

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Ennio Emmanuel