• March 2

Marc Mero Visits North Marion

Megan Keener

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Marc Mero is a retired boxer and professional wrestler. Johnny B. Badd was his stage name and what wrestling fans know him as. He founded Champion of Choices in 2007 and has been a motivational speaker for teens. Champion of Choices is a non-profit organization. During his presentations he talks about all the challenges that he has overcome. (bullying, drugs, alcohol, suicide prevention, etc.) In early January Marc’s special Mother’s Day presentation was circling around Facebook. The impact he has had on so many people is remarkable.
On March 18th North Marion had the pleasure of hearing his story. The room was filled with emotion and tears. As you looked around the room you saw people overwhelmed with emotion. There were girls hugging in the middle of his story and so many students trying to keep it together. Not a word was being said, all eyes were on him. He was so great that a standing ovation was given without hesitation.
The story he tells is tragic but also uplifting. He talks about all the tragedies he has gone through and overcame. He has been through so much in his life and it’s a nice reminder to be grateful to have what we have and to keep the people who support us close. We should also not judge anyone and never degrade anyone.

We got to sit down with him a few minutes before he started his presentation and his energy was outstanding. He was so positive about everything. When asked about how the Champion of Choices came in to action, he said:
“I had a friend who killed his wife and son and then killed himself and that’s when I said enough is enough.”
That is an amazing response from such a tragedy and a brave one at that. While talking to him you can see what a genuine person he is and all the knowledge he carries with him with all he has been through.
Another questioned we asked was what is your favorite part about being a motivational speaker?
His response was “All the stories I get to hear and lives I’ve changed.”
If you get the chance to see him you will not be disappointed. He is such an inspiration and is legitimately happy. His personality is so uplifting and so positive. To even have a conversation with him is awesome and is something I will take with me the rest of my life. Some of the words he spoke will stay with me throughout life. If you ever have the privilege to meet him, do so. You will not regret it.

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Marc Mero Visits North Marion