• March 2

Mechanical Bull

Will Coulson, adviser

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Kings of Leon have released their newest album labeled Mechanical Bull. This southern blues rock/ alternative band has gained massive popularity in Europe, and are starting to receive praise here in the states. The lead singer Caleb Followill mentioned that he and the guys were going to try to get back to their old ways after two sub-par albums. He also said that this was probably one of their most favorite albums to record.

This new album starts off with the fast paced summer jam Supersoaker. Matthew’s guitar really gets this song going, and is very upbeat. Next is the blues style Rock City. Caleb’s voice, and Jared’s bass really make this song stick. After Rock City comes the ultra-fast Don’t Matter. The deep guitar tone of Matthew, the bass of Jared, and loud drums of Nathan make this song a great driving song. The next song labeled Beautiful War, is the flagship of this album. In an interview with BBC Radio 1, Caleb stated that “If you can’t appreciate Beautiful War, than you can’t appreciate anything in life.” And let me tell you, he couldn’t have said it any better. Words cannot describe how good this song is. It might be the best song they’ve ever recorded. After the slow paced Beautiful War, comes the guitar strong Temple. For those who love listening to loud guitars, then Temple is for you. The next song is labeled Wait for Me. This is the other song that could lead this album, as its slow pace really got me into a trance. It’s absolutely superb, and you really need to check it out. After the slow paced Wait for Me, comes the rhythm blues song called Family Tree, in which they do an excellent job of simulating old blues music. Nathan’s back up voice is really gravely, which is a very good touch with this song. I found Comeback Story to sound a little boring compared to the rest of the songs, but it was still very well written, blending fast paced guitar stringing, to varying pace vocals of Caleb. On the Chin involved the use of an acoustic, which really blended with this nice slow “beach” song. Work on Me I found to be very different from anything Kings have ever done, but it became very catchy after a couple of listens. This absolutely fantastic album end with Last Mile Home, and it’s a great song to end with. The repetitive sounds of Matthews guitar, the drums of Nathan, the steady bass of Jared, and the almighty vocals of Caleb make this a great ending song.


Mechanical Bull is probably the best Kings of Leon album they’ve ever done. 5-5 stars. Now, to wait for the next album. It’s going to take a lot of excellent songwriting to top this album, but I’m sure they’re up to it.

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Mechanical Bull