North Korea

Raydon Heston, Current Events

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Kim Jong Un, leader of the North Korea, in applause.

North Korea is one of the last, if not the last, 100% communist country on the planet. If you
don’t already know North Korea has been threatening the United States for many years now and
it is an issue that no president wants to deal with, but it looks like the problem is coming to a
head. I think that Kim Jong Un’s threats are not meaningful because if North Korea fires at the
United States first that'll be very bad news for them. I believe Kim Jong un is wanting to provoke
the United States to strike them first so that they can justify a war with us. If a war with North
Korea were to happen I believe it would be short lived and devastating due to both sides
possessing nuclear arms and North Korea clearly isn’t afraid to use them. We can only hope that
this problem can be resolved before it has to escalate to an all-out war.

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North Korea