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Dilemma, Advice Columnist

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Dear Dilemma,

Is lunch class time?  Why are we not free to sit and play computer games?  Why are we not free to play paper football quietly without disrupting others or launching it into the air?  Why are we not free to assist a teacher and have our lunch at the same time?  Why must we divide our lunch and study time?  Can we not do both?  Are we not young adults?  Are we not being taught responsibility and respectfulness with the innovation zone?  Why is a room a classroom and not a place to relax and socialize during lunch?  Are we allowed to use our phones during the lunch in any room accessible to us?  When did our free time become accountable to what others demand?

The Students of Recess


Dear Students of Recess,

First off thanks for the inquiry and Dilemma will try to help you all as best as possible!

Well to start off read the rules located in your agendas.  Your lunchtime is given to you in half-hour intervals, how you choose to spend them is up to you.  You have the option to socialize with your friends or catch up on homework.  But also keep in mind that homework was meant for you to take home.  The paper football thing, well it may be something you enjoy to do with friends but no matter what, most times it becomes a disruptence and teachers do not appreciate that at all.  You are allowed to play computer games in the library only during lunch because no one is permitted upstairs unless with teacher permission.  But remember NO EATING OR DRINKING IN THE LIBRARY!  But with a teacher’s permission, you are allowed to go hang out there in their specific room with their supervision of course.  That decision is up to you.  If your priveledges have been taken away, then remember you are not going to have the same freedoms as some of your peers.  As for cell phones, the policy clearly states that you are only allowed to use your celluar device in the morning, during your lunchtime and after school is over.  If you choose to eat your lunch in a classroom then it should be okay to use it without getting it taken away.  As for the inquiry of your free time accountable from people who demand things from you, keep this in mind…you are in school. Rules are rules.  There are no changing them.  So it is best to follow them and do the best you can and have more fun at your house!

Hope that helps!

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